Caves and Canyons

Explore the biggest sea cave system in Australia

Discover the beauty of the light penetration

The Tasman Peninsula region offers huge caves, tunnels and canyons, particularly in Waterfall Bay, an area well known for its sea caves. The largest, Cathedral Cave, which is the biggest sea cave system in Australia, consists of a massive entrance (maximum water depth 21m), extending back into smaller caverns with narrow tunnels and cross passages. The walls are covered with brightly coloured invertebrates normally found in much deeper water.

As you can imagine, this cave offers spectacular diving from a photographer’s point of view.

The caves are for experienced divers with excellent buoyancy control, and diving in them is only possible when the sea conditions are suitable.

For those who do not like the overhead environment, we have several canyons that offer all the varied invertebrate life, great swim-throughs and walls like the caves, but without the rock ceiling. Anyone with good diving skills and reasonable buoyancy control can dive the canyons, although we do not normally recommend it for novice divers.

Enjoy the arches, explore the tunnels...

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