Discover Scuba Diving

Take your first breath underwater!

Want to try scuba diving?

This one-day experience is for you and requires no previous diving experience. It includes 3 steps :

  • a small amount of theory about the basic safety guidelines of scuba diving and an overview of the scuba gear. 
  • an in-water training where you will practice a few skills in our on-site pool,
  • not 1 but 2 dives in the sea (12 m deep max.)!

Under supervision of an instructor, you’ll experience the weightless exhilaration of breathing underwater and explore an underwater environment that you never knew existed.

Discover Scuba Diving gives you the chance to taste the excitement, adventure and the freedom that only divers know.


$ 355 all included (full gear hire, 2 boat dives etc.)


You must be at least 14 years old, in reasonable physical health and able to swim.

Discover Tasmania from underwater

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