Equipment Hire

Full scuba diving gear package (includes 7mm wetsuit and 1 tank) $95.00 per day
Snorkeling Gear Package (includes 2/3mm steamer wetsuit, hooded vest, boots, mask, snorkel, fins) $45 per day
Wetsuit (7mm two-piece with built-in hood, plus boots and gloves) $25 per day
Tank $20 per day
BCD $20 per day
Regulator set and combo gauge $25 per day
Weight Belt $10 per day
Mask, snorkel, fins $15 per day
Air Fills (200 bar) $10 each
Nitrox Fills (Charged on % oxygen) Start at $20 each
Underwater Digital Camera hire (includes download to your USB or burning pictures to CD) $50 per day