Dive with the Seadragon

One of the most outstanding underwater creatures

Discover the seadragons

The weedy seadragon is only found in Southern Australia. The specimens found here in Tasmania are the largest and the most colourful. They have a reddish colour but if you observe them sufficiently you might find some deep blue, purple and yellow with a lot of tiny white dots all along the body. They have small leaf-like appendages that provide¬†camouflage. The seadragon’s size is about 30-40 cm. As for seahorses, the males carry the eggs until they hatch, displaying a beautiful purple grape under the tail.

We can find them at different dive sites all year long. This dive is suitable for divers of all levels of experience.

Please note that Seadragons are wild animal and encounters can never be guaranteed.

Ever wanted to see a real dragon ?

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